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Take the path less traveled.

Weise Capital & Risk Advisors is a group of financial and investment professionals committed to empowering clients by helping them address the real issues and make sophisticated decisions.

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Our People & Culture

What makes Weise different is simple, yet hard to find in today’s economic environment. Our distinction is our culture and that culture is created because of some of the most sophisticated, loyal, and passionate professionals in the industry. Our unique approach is grounded in the idea of discovering what is true, whether that truth is perceived good or bad. Only when we uncover reality can we move forward effectively and successfully. 


We and our clients live by these core principles:

1) Treat others with respect and dignity always.

2) Do the right thing every time.

3) Focus on processes and principles; not fads and trends.

4) Define, write, and adhere to your personal mission.

5) Be honest with yourself. Think independently and impartially.

6) Understand that humans make mistakes and be forgiving.

7) Fight the natural tendency to take the path of least resistance.

8) Treat your mind, body, and relationships with utmost respect.

9) Focus on continuous growth and learning. 

What we do for our family of clients…


We are process oriented.

At WCA we follow a process-oriented approach in order to assure we cover all the important areas in your financial life.

Family Office Services

For high net worth clients, we bring key professionals together to help manage risk, accomplish your objectives, and simplify your life.

Fee Only Option

We are transparent about our compensation structure and give clients the option to choose fee-only services. Learn more here.

Financial Planning Specialty

We have extensive expertise and experience in each of the major financial planning domain topic areas.

Investment Management

We specialize in creating effective investment management policies to help you reach your objectives.

Insurance & Protection Planning

We ensure you’re covered against unforeseen events that could derail your financial strategy.

Our Mission

  • To develop lasting relationships by helping clients create an economic foundation for success.
  • To do the right thing more than we talk about doing the right thing and take the road less traveled.
  • To live with loyalty, confidence, persistence, integrity, faith, sacrifice, competence, passion, and generosity.

What We Do

As independent advisors and wealth managers, Weise Capital Advisors is in an ideal position to put our clients first—each and every time. We specialize in helping our clients create and implement unique life insurance, financial planning, and investment management strategies.

Our value is strategic thinking—the fact that we’ve met with 1,000’s of people over the years across all stages of life. We’ve seen how their perspective, what they want and need, evolves over time. We’ve noticed that our clients have experienced changing opinions over time. Meaning, at age 35 they thought they would want [fill in the blank] by age 65, yet when they get to 65 what they thought they’d want and the way they thought they’d think isn’t how they actually think… 

Learn more.