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Driven to Self-Mastery.

Our staff and advisors are driven to become the best versions of themselves - both personally and professionally.

Our People & Culture

What makes Weise different is simple, yet hard to find in today’s economic environment. Our distinction is our culture and that culture is created because of some of the most sophisticated, loyal, and passionate professionals in the industry.

We and our clients live by these core principles:

  • Treat others with respect and dignity always.
  • Do the right thing more than you talk about doing the right thing.
  • Focus on and teach process and principles; not fads and trends.
  • Define, write, understand, and follow your personal mission.
  • Be loyal to Weise, its leaders, clients, and associates.
  • Understand that humans make mistakes and be forgiving.
  • Fight the natural human tendency to take the path of least resistance.
  • Treat your mind, body, and relationships with utmost respect.
  • Focus on consistent growth and learning. 

Our Mission

  • To develop lasting relationships by helping clients create an economic foundation for success.
  • To do the right thing more than we talk about doing the right thing and take the road less traveled.
  • To live with loyalty, confidence, persistence, integrity, faith, sacrifice, competence, passion, and generosity.